Prom Fashion

Because I wanted to wear something unique for prom, I chose a dress from Free People. I bought it online a  few months before and had it slightly altered to make it a tad bit longer. I was so happy how my outfit came together.

prom dress 005

prom dress 017

Shoes: Madden Girl, Cuff: Home and Closet, Bangles: Target, Rings: various, Anklet: ByBrendaElaine on etsy, Earrings(from previous post): Premier Jewelry

prom dress 014

birthday and random and prom 190 2


Fancy Finds

I found some amazing little treasures from the Coop that will be going in my bathroom. They are to die for!! The Coop is a store based out of Lincoln, Nebraska that specializes in antique, farmhouse, decor and vintage goods galore!! They have the best stuff around and I love exploring their store each time I visit. I always find too many things that I want and have a hard time choosing!

fair time 025 2

^^My new toothbrush holder!

fair time 022 2

fair time 032 2

^^Super cute tea tin!! ahhh!

fair time 028 2

fair time 035 2

fair time 038 2

^^New shelf to be filled with knickknacks soon!!

fair time 040 2

***Check out the Coop’s facebook page here!!! You’ll fall in love!


A Fair Time

I always picture fairs as such a romantic thing, like something out of a movie. I bring myself into the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s, getting all dolled up and making my way through all the rides with my friends. I would be riding the Ferris wheel with a significant other, being on top of the world, while sharing such a beautiful moment. A girl can always dream, right?

fair time 079

fair time 050 2

fair time 092 2

fair time 057 2

fair time 090

fair time 069 2

fair time 062 2

fair time 070 2

^^The lighting in this is Heaven!

fair time 094 2